What can an Internship at IQPC offer you?

IQPC London runs several successful intern programs, giving future graduates a great opportunity to trial various areas across the business, including sales, marketing, production and event management.

We interviewed Sam, one of our most recent interns to find out more about her experience at IQPC…

Samantha Brown

Before you started, what did you want to get out of the internship at Exchange?
I wanted to gain experience working in the events industry and understand how an event is designed and put on. Originally I thought working at the Exchange would be all about the logistics of the event – like the operations department, however I was pleasantly surprised when I started working in the production team. I was also excited to be working in London and experience office life!

What do you feel you have gained from your time with IQPC? 
I think I’ve gained a great understanding of the Global IP market! I’ve learnt how all parts of the business interlink and are so important into organising an exchange. I also feel like I’ve learnt how to communicate professionally – both written and verbally.

I have realized that there are a lot of specific tactics behind all calls and emails. For example how using hooks, mutual connections or specific wording can make a huge difference in the response rate. It has been great seeing the results of everyone’s effort and how it all comes together at the event on-site too.

I’ve learnt that office life can be enjoyable! I’ve done work experience in other companies and IQPC definitely has the best atmosphere.

What aspects of the internship did you enjoy the most and find the most useful, and why?
I enjoyed my time in the production department the most because it challenged me intellectually. I found a number of aspects of the business side of my degree being highly relevant. I also enjoyed researching into market trends and competitor events, as well as the challenge of coming up with content and ideas for the agenda.

Seeing the events on site was a highlight. Going to the EDT exchange in the first week, where I knew little about the lead up to the event and how the company actually runs, compared with going to the retail a few weeks later, where I understood how each department has helped make the event run smoothly.

I enjoyed the social aspect too! People are always willing to help out – from whatever department.

 What aspects of the internship would you improve if you were to do this internship again?
 I think it would be a good idea to structure the whole internship to a particular event. When I was working in marketing I was jumping between 3/4 events, so it was hard to get stuck in. I preferred working full time on Global IP. Even if the internship was in different departments, like mine, it would be good to be working on the same event in production; marketing and ops (although I guess that may not work timing wise!)

Other than that, I think the internship was extremely well structured and I thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility of being able to work in all departments.

If you were trying to explain the internship to another candidate who is looking to do an internship at IQPC Exchange, what would you say?The internship at IQPC Exchange is a great way too see how all different departments within a company work together to put on a senior level event. The internship was very well structured, and I felt like a lot of time and effort was put into my schedule both before and during my time there. Each day brings different tasks which keeps the work interesting and I think it is a great introduction to office life.

The people are really friendly so I never felt too shy or nervous to ask for help and advice. I’ve gained an insight to such a wide variety of exciting topics ranging from enterprise mobility to intellectual property to data in financial services.

I would definitely recommend the internship to others. With the variety of exchanges going on, It’s a fantastic way to find out what you’re really interested in!

Thanks Sam, we are delighted you enjoyed your time with us and hope to hear from you again after you graduate!

International Food Day at IQPC Dubai

International Food Day is a yearly recurring event at IQPC Middle East. Each year before the start of the month of Ramadan IQPC comes together to celebrate the diversity of our team.

Every employee brings a dish and is placed into teams by their food group and ethnic affiliation. From the Managing Director to our newest intern, we all come together to share food and showcase our heritage. We are justifiably proud of the diversity of our employees at IQPC and have no doubt that the depth and breadth of cultures represented makes us a stronger business and a stronger team.

Food Day is also a great opportunity for new joiners to mingle with those who have a longer tenure in the office and the food is always followed by office wide games.

This year we competed in ‘Blind Chef’, ‘Pretzel Fishing’, ‘Doughnut Bopping’ and a good old fashioned ‘Egg Race’. You may have noticed that all the games relate to food and they all require team collaboration.

And the 2017 winners were….

1st Place – India

2nd Place – MEA

3rd Place – Europe

4th Place – The Philippines

Congratulations to all our Winners and thanks to everyone for making this such a fun day!


IQPC Berlin gets Running!

B2Run organizes regular six kilometer runs across seven countries, encouraging employees to swap their work shoes for running shoes and get moving together as a team!

B2Run Berlin 6

This July it was Berlin’s turn to get moving and for the 2nd year in a row IQPC stepped up to the plate and our team joined 10,000 other runners at the Olympic Stadium for some summer fitness fun!

While we didn’t match the fastest times of just 17.19 for the men and 19.37 for the women, with an overall average time of 29 minutes it was a very respectable achievement and a huge amount of fun!

Well done to all our runners – Ian, Maik, Stephen, Felix, Lachlan, Natalie, Michael, Sally, Kathrin, Benny, Peter, Christoffer, Orianne, Saleh, Robert and Karina. We can’t wait to see what you achieve again next year!

“Great competition yesterday and awesome results. It was really fun”


Choosing how and where you advance your career in sales is a huge decision. The stakes couldn’t be higher!

Reading through job adverts, every sales opportunity you consider will suggest a high earning potential and the opportunity to progress.

So how can you be confident that you’ve found a business with the potential to exceed your ambitions and set you up for a lifetime of achievement?

At IQPC we recognise that setting our Sponsorship Sales Managers up for success is absolutely critical to the continued exponential growth of our business. We simply can’t afford to make the investment in our future sales talent anything other than our number one business priority.

As such, over the last 3 years our London business have developed the Sales Development Programme (SDP), the industry’s leading training and on-boarding programme to attract, develop and retain exceptionally talented sales professionals.


But what exactly does the Sales Development Programme offer?

  1. Significant investment in your personal development. There is a world of difference (and earning potential) between sales people and sales professionals. Get the investment you need to take your sales skill set and earning potential to be amongst the top 5% in the UK.
  2. Start taking home commission – fast! Since establishing the SDP we’ve halved the average time it takes to secure first deals and achieve quarterly bonuses.
  3. Confidence that endeavour is the only variable to your success. The training and development provided requires significant investment. Whilst this means that we are naturally very selective about those we hire, it also means that once you join our organisation you will be given every opportunity and support required to succeed.


SDP Testimonal

To learn more and decide if the SDP is the right move for your career download our full Prospectus now or get in touch with us at recruitment@iqpc.co.uk




Investing in People – IQPC UK’s Management Development Program

IQPC strives to be a promote from within business, a business that invests in upcoming talent. As part of this commitment many of our offices run an Annual Management Development Programme, designed to support employees who’ve shown the potential for future growth and equip them with ‘next role’ skills. With participants from across all departments it is an essential part of our succession planning and has 100% backing from the Executive Team.

Our London businesses places a significant and ongoing focus on ensuring their program is best in class.

Joby & EdI met with Joby Turner, IQPC’s Regional Managing Director for Europe and Edward Gumm, IQPC’s UK HR Director to find out more.



Esther: Hi Joby, Ed, thank you both for your time today. Maybe you could start by telling me a little more about the programme, what it covers and how it runs.

Edward: The Management Development Programme (MDP) is designed for people who are ready to explore and discover their potential. It is an annual programme with the aim of increasing responsibility and providing greater exposure to our business. Participants receive structured training to accelerate their development and support from a mentor who can provide further insights, plus assist with the implementation of the training theory.

The MDP has 11 modules, each comprising of a monthly training session plus follow up assignments to complete. We predominately focus on the following areas:

  1. Leadership
  2. People/Team
  3. Commercial planning, knowledge and understanding

This multi-faceted programme offers far-reaching and cutting edge business, product, and industry training. It is essential that we invest in our new and future managers to both manage their expectations and equip them with the tools and skills required to run departments or entire business units for IQPC in the future. Our local and global Senior Management Team, plus External Trainers, provide practical training and share their experience and insights to ensure participants are prepared for a career at the top of the conference industry; in a market leading company.

Here are some of the exciting things that our MDP participants get involved with:

  • Helping to come up with new business concepts or formats
  • Project managing or coordinating the launch of new projects/products
  • Leading a review of existing products that are not achieving the required results
  • Supporting and implementing the launch of a new product that allows us to create a new type of revenue stream that can be rolled out
  • P&L Financial analysis
  • Impact on business strategy and goal setting
  • Coaching, mentoring and Leadership
  • Assisting recruitment activity and attending/conducting interviews

Our goals is to provide participants with everything they need to grow into a fully rounded leader, whether it’s technical skills, industry knowledge or management capability. This then forms the basis for continued professional development throughout their career at IQPC.

Esther: As a leadership team you seem pretty passionate about this, why do you back this initiative so strongly?

EdwardBecause thankfully the results speak for themselves. We’ve been running this programme for 7 years now and 50% of our existing managers (across 3 UK businesses) have completed the programme. The two most critical factors to our continued and future growth are our people and our product. The fact that we have no product without great people means that talent development is central to everything we do in the London office.  From PTP’s (Phased Training Plans) for new starters to the MDP we continually focus on how we can identify, nurture and retain top talent.

I am also a firm believer that through demonstrating a genuine interest in the development of our employees we create a much better partnership with enhanced loyalty. Loyal employees are more engaged. Engaged employees are more productive. This in turn means that we are harnessing the link between success and reward.

The ROI from a strong MDP means that we are able to plan for future growth with confidence.

Joby: I absolutely agree with Ed, the MDP is integral to our culture of progress and improvement. If we’re not developing our people, and future managers then we’re not going to grow the business in the medium to long term.  And if we’re not investing in our people how can we expect the quality of our events and results to improve? We have a remarkable back catalog of over a decade of training materials and we also encourage all managers to read voraciously. We need to keep them up to date and find answers to new challenges as well as new ways to grow the business.

I’m proud to say all the UK MDs share this passion and as you can tell from his comments, none more so than our HR Director, Ed, who dedicates his own time and acts as a great coach and mentor to the up and coming managers in the business.

Esther: How do you select which employees will join the programme? Is it about experience or attributes? What characteristics do you look for in future leaders for IQPC?

Edward: With great difficulty!

Each year we ask all UK Managing Directors to put forward employees who they feel would benefit from the programme. To ensure the MDP supports growth on a personal and business level we have two main criteria that guide our decisions:

  • The employee is new to a management role within the last 12 months OR
  • That we have a plan in place for the employee to be in a management role within the next 12 months

In an ideal world we would prefer our employees to complete the programme before being moving into management. However we are whenever possible, a promote from within business, so sometimes the opportunity arises and individuals need to move faster as the commercial needs dictate.

Alongside the MD nominations we also invite applications from our entire workforce to ensure that we are providing a fair opportunity, but also to ensure we have visibility on the aspirations of all future leaders.

As a Senior Management team we then come together and discuss all of the nominations/applications for the forthcoming year’s MDP. Every single year has been oversubscribed and with a limited number of places it does make it very difficult to decide.

Joby: Some decisions are easy, newly appointed managers for example would always go through the course, beyond that I agree we do at times have to make some difficult calls.

When looking at characteristics a high degree of functional capability is of course essential, but we place a much higher weighting on attitude and potential when we face a decision like this.

Unsurprisingly, a positive “can-do” attitude is essential, as is a resourceful, entrepreneurial approach; they have to have the hunger and ambition, the professional desire and commitment to perform and to grow the business.

But my view is that there’s no one single leadership style that works.  There’s no perfect candidate, and no one is ever a complete leader/manager.  What we are looking for is someone with enough positive characteristics to create an effective leadership style of their own.  Have they got what it takes to create their own team culture and lead it effectively, in their own unique way?  The assessment of someone’s leadership potential comes down to the combination of skills and traits they are bringing to the table and whether or not, collectively, these provide the right ingredients for them to grow into a leader, that can in turn, grow their team and deliver results.  What is their track record of adapting, developing themselves and changing their behaviours? And if we doubt we can change the behaviour, is it a critical success factor, and can we compensate for it in some way?

Esther: Ed I know as part of this process you conduct a lot of 1-2-1 coaching with all the trainees. How does this work? And what sort of feedback have you had from programme graduates; do they engage with this as much as the business does?

Edward: I really enjoy the coaching aspect of the programme, I think it is very important to establish trust so we can identify areas that we need to work on, but most importantly to ensure participants have an open forum to discuss professional challenges and how we can overcome them together. Often we work through commercial plans focused around results and break these down into tangible actions with timelines provided.  The MDP would not work if we did not firmly incorporate personal development with focused outcomes.

I have a monthly meeting with each member of the programme to focus on:

  • Current challenges
  • Areas of personal development
  • Implementations of best practice form our monthly training modules

The participants are the reason why I love running the MDP. Being able to work with people on a 1-2-1 basis is a privilege. It also allows us to inspect implementation and results in a very collaborative way.

And yes the feedback from past graduates has been very positive; they very much appreciate this approach towards their individual development. The real testimony is how many of these people realise their ambitions to move into a leadership role and achieve that personal development.

Esther: So have you seen many of them go onto take bigger roles in the business?

Edward: So many!  As I referenced earlier 50% of all UK managers have been through our MDP.  This includes individuals who are currently in Head of Function/Director level roles.

We have to be realists; it is extremely difficult and risky to hire people straight into leadership roles within any organisation. Therefore our investment into the development of our employees has really helped us to achieve growth plans whilst not diluting the value of our products or financial results. It has actually been a catalyst to enable growth.

Esther: You’ve been running this programme in the UK now for over 7 years, what have you learnt along the way? What changes have you made?

Edward: We have learnt lots and made many changes, in fact the MDP constantly evolves each year.  We have to evolve the programme to ensure that we are equipping our mangers for 2017, not 5 years ago because we have old content and think its ok. At IQPC London we aim to hire and nature genuine Grade A Talent. The people who make it onto our MDP are clearly Grade A, if we are not providing challenging content that assists with personal development or solves real issues; we shouldn’t bother with the programme.  The fact that we are lucky enough to work with such top talent means that we have to push ourselves to ensure that our MDP programme is continuously thought provoking, challenging and engaging.

A couple of the more exiting evolution’s to share were:

  • Follow up tasks/assignment should be linked to tasks that participants would usually fulfill, with the emphasis on practical continuous development. It is counter productive to overload these high performing individuals. The MDP should facilitate future development and professional growth, not hinder.
  • Part of our MDP revolves around participants working on and submitting a business plan. This has always been a popular task and we have always provided a forum for the top three to present their idea to our Global CEO, CFO and CMO. The change is that we have inserted an extra MDP session where the entire group gets to present their idea back to their fellow participants. This has been extremely well received and spurred on healthy competition!

JobyAgain I completely agree; the programme has evolved significantly over the last 7 years we’ve been running it.  The content has changed and been updated almost every year and we’ve added new sessions as well. To be honest, one of the biggest challenges is knowing what not to include, some of the sessions are arguably a bit too content heavy, because there’s so much we want to cram in!  This year our plan is to take a step towards this though, and dig deeper into the content by making the sessions more and more interactive.

Another learning point has been that we shouldn’t use the MDP as a retention tool alone. If someone is clearly not suited to management, or has no interest in doing so, but wants to attend the training for other reasons, or requests it based on longevity we have to say no and resist the temptation and avoid diluting the focus of the group.

Esther: And what about the business value, how do you justify this investment every year?

Joby: That’s pretty easy to be honest. It’s how we grow the business; you just need to look at results and past attendees to back that up, as well as the length of service and retention of our management team. Investing in the development of our people is something IQPC values incredibly highly. To be honest I’d like to do more still, and I think we can. We’re adding new sessions to the MDP for 2017 and have engaged some fantastic external trainers to complement our own efforts. I see the future of the business getting brighter and brighter year on year the more we invest in this initiative.

Esther: Finally what advise would you give anyone looking to build their management career at IQPC?

JobyWhere to start? Firstly, you need to have complete clarity on how to succeed in your role, what constitutes success, what you need to do specifically, continually and consistently to the highest possible standard. Then you need to be really disciplined and get into the habit of doing these things week in, week out, even when you’ve established yourself and distractions of other new and exciting activities will draw your attention. Do what works.

Secondly, invest in your people! You are a coach, more than a manager. If your team’s careers take off, so will yours; put their needs first. Focus on hiring and developing A-grade people and you’ll make every step of the journey 100 times easier and more successful.

Innovate: don’t think for a moment that last year’s standards are high enough. Technology and markets are accelerating at a staggering rate. We need to move faster still, moving with, in fact even ahead of the times, or our events will fade away; that’s why this business is so fast paced and exciting to work in.

I could talk all day about this, but a few final thoughts:

  • Stay positive: we can find solutions to 99% of problems if we put our heads together
  • Be humble.  Don’t fall into the trap of only listening to your own opinion, never stop learning
  • Stay close to the market and your customers; obsess with taking every opportunity to deliver extreme value

EdwardHave a plan BUT be ready and nimble to evolve with it.

Make a list of what a meaningful career would look like to you. This is a great starting point to help evaluate the skills required to fulfill the role you aspire to. Most importantly, it will form the basis of your training and identify your areas of development.

And last of all – be positive. I have no doubt that a meaningful plan and positive attitude will look after your career for you.

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SSON Analytics Revealed…

SSON Analytics is the global data analytics centre from the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON), the world’s largest community of shared services, outsourcing and transformation professionals.

SSON Analytics offers visual data insights that are simple, accurate, and digestible to the global shared services and outsourcing community.

Thousands of global business services and outsourcing professionals use our data to understand the shared services landscape in their region through a variety of interactive data tools, and analytics reports and customised data insights.

SSON Analytics was formerly known as Dart Institute and was rebranded as SSON Analytics in October 2016 to better reflect its close relationship with SSON.

Interested to find out more? This video will walk you through our current array of interactive reports and data tools.


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Fintech Connect – an exciting exhibition division of IQPC

After more than 40 years as a market leader in the events industry, we’re constantly diversifying our offering.  In 2014 Fintech Connect was born – the business was created to provide a digital hub and meeting place for the global fintech sector, allowing start-ups, scale-ups, incumbent tech providers, investors, financial institutions and other stakeholders to connect and do business through a free membership based community platform. The FinTech Connect division has the energy and dynamism of an entrepreneurial start-up, seamlessly blended with the footprint and infrastructure of an internationally renowned conference business.

‘What I love best about working for FinTech Connect is the opportunity it provides you with to be innovative and creative. There are no boundaries to what you can bring to the table, if you can make a difference you are encouraged and supported to pursue it. You don’t have colleagues; you have friends that together strive for a common goal. Everyday is a fun day in the office. 2017 is a year of big things as we watch our leading project ‘FinTech Connect Live’ vastly expand into a leading Global event of its kind. Watch this space….’ Kayleeann – Marketing

Launched in July 2014 we already boast successful global portfolios of finance specific conferences which are sponsored by huge blue chip technology providers and attended by the World’s biggest financial institutions. 2017 is a key year for FinTech Connect Live as the event continues along a fast track towards significant scale.

It’s a close knit team who have original ideas and embrace new product concepts – our team adapt and operate fluidly at all times.  All team members are accountable for creative and commercial input, this is one of the many reasons we stand apart from so many events organisers in the market place.

If you are interested in joining our Fintech Connect division, please visit our careers page for current opportunities