Meet Gracie, Senior Conference Producer, IQPC Sydney


When did your IQPC career begin? 

My career with IQPC began 5/5/15.  Before that I was travelling and working in London/Edinburgh for a year, after working as a broadcast journalist in NZ since 2010.

What is your current role and responsibilities?

My current role is Senior Conference Producer and I mainly produce content for the Higher Education portfolio. We have just launched an Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Summit, so I will be working with that portfolio a lot as we roll out more niche AI summits across a range of industries. I am responsible for researching the topic, securing C-Level speakers, and producing the content for the agenda. I then manage the event and liaise with other departments in the lead up to the conference, before running it onsite.

What initially attracted you to join the conference industry?

A mix of fate and fluke really; I had applied for a range of media jobs while living in London (as wasn’t enjoying nannying) and a recruiter called me to ask if I was interested in conference production. I had no idea what it was but said yes and had a bit of a Google after ending the phone call. The description turned out to be my dream job, so I started applying for roles and ended up at IQPC Sydney! The thing I think that appeals most to me is you are a facilitator of learning. Although most of the time you have to pretend to know more about the industry while speaking with executives than you actually do, your role isn’t to play expert. It is to provide content that is thought-provoking, challenging, relevant and cutting-edge to allow the industry concerned to collaborate and improve.

And why IQPC?

IQPC offers a major opportunity for growth and rapid development, if you are keen to take on the challenge. It is a dynamic company that isn’t afraid to take chances and try new and innovative ways of working. I enjoy the range it offers in terms of intellectual stimulation and the amount of learning from and networking with senior level executives. Topic Generation is something I also really enjoy and it helps keep the events we are doing fresh and relevant, which adds to the benefit for us as producers and also the industry we are targeting.

What did you do before joining IQPC?

I studied at the NZ Broadcasting School and worked as a Broadcast Journalist for Newstalk ZB, and then Canterbury Television.

What do you enjoy about IQPC life?

It is an incredibly fun working environment and culture. My manager is great and everyone is always willing to help you fine-tune your skills and develop professionally. It is a great office to get involved with senior level staff and witness the inner-workings of a successful organization.

What lessons have you learnt during your time here?

A lot in terms of commerciality! Working effectively and being of best use to other departments is also something that I have improved on, as have my research skills and ability to converse with and obtain worthwhile information from senior level executives.

How has your career developed since you started with us?

It has developed significantly. I have a lot more confidence and feel competent in handling issues and making decisions that I wouldn’t have been comfortable making a year ago. I have also learnt a lot in terms of strategy and looking to new avenues and initiatives for growth.

What’s next? What do you think the next year will hold for you and for the business?

A lot of artificial intelligence, and my first large scale event. Hopefully some growth in management skills as well.