Sydney Office raises money for Cancer Charity

Well done to our Sydney office who have raised $600 for the Cancer Council of Australia. This is the result of amazing effort of everyone whom cooked and brought in delicious food which equated to a gargantuan donation to a great cause!

The food, atmosphere and the overall outcome for the event was a huge success and that’s all thanks to our great team. Well done to the IQPC Ambassadors and their great organizational skills!


Graduating in 2016?

Finishing University and getting your first job is a daunting prospect for most graduates. With competition hotting up for graduate jobs, you probably feel like the pressure is on. For some of you graduating this summer, you will have already started to attend assessment days and graduate interviews for your dream graduate job.

If you haven’t worked out what you want to do next however, don’t panic!

Last year our Regional Managing Director Joby presented the idea of starting a career in conferencing to 2015 graduates at the summer graduate fair.

This short video gives you a brief overview of what the world of conferencing can offer graduates, having started in this business as a graduate, it’s no surprise that career progression was at the top of Joby’s list…

For a list of our current graduate opportunities across the globe, please visit our Current Opportunities page.

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Sydney Careers Fair

Here is Noel Mcdermot (MD Sydney office & Regional MD Singapore) meeting the careers team from Mac Uni at our annual DDX Talent Conference

Could we mention a big thank you to the Macquarie University team for organizing the career fair this week, it was hugely successful and here is our #Sydney team in action!

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Ok. So you want to be a manager…

It’s the age old catch 22. You want to move in to a management role, but there isn’t a management job available.

Essentially you are biding your time in your current company, waiting and hoping that your boss will leave soon so you get a chance to progress. Of course, if they do their role will be in hot competition. One of your colleagues has been with the company 2 years longer than you so the company should really give them the job, right?

So maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. Only, you can’t apply to management opportunities externally because you don’t have any experience. What company would hire a manager externally who hadn’t ever actually managed?

So how do you take your career forward in a market that won’t hire managers without any management experience? How do you become a manager in a company that doesn’t have a management vacancy?

The Management Development Programme is the antidote to this catch 22. Every year, IQPC runs a training programme that is designed to take exceptional employees with leadership qualities and give them a management role.

You don’t have to have any previous management experience. You don’t have to have the longest length of service, there doesn’t need to be an active management vacancy.

If you have an interest in becoming a future leader, then all you need to do is deliver excellent results consistently and show an interest in the programme. We’ll create the role, we’ll hire the team that sits underneath you and we’ll give you the training and support that you need to make this transition.

“Many people risk going from being ‘managed’ to being a ‘manager’ – without a lot of nurturing, training or development in between.  The MDP course ensured that you weren’t running before you were walking, and that you were comfortable with each concept before moving onto the next one.  There was a theoretical session, during which we learned about concepts and case studies, followed by a group exercise, which allowed us to soundboard against our peers.  The most important thing was the follow up – the evidence we were asked to provide in order to showcase how well we were actually applying the knowledge into our daily lives.  And you know what they say – what gets measured, gets done!  The programme has helped me comfortably take leadership concepts into every day implementation with my team and projects, and I’m very thankful for the experience!” MDP Graduate, 2015

If you’re interested in becoming a manager and you’re specifically looking for a company that will nurture the leadership qualities that you believe you have, get in touch. IQPC could be the end of  your ‘manager, no experience’ dilemma.



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“Before coming to IQPC I had just left University…”

Jude joined the business in 2015


“…I was studying an MA in Economics. After reading some labor economics books I remembered a study which basically stated highly productive people in commission related jobs earn 3-4 times the amount of their flat fee counterparts.

So I chased the money.

But I knew that I needed training to become successful in sales –    I choose IQPC because unlike other firms I came across IQPC focused on continuous sales development.

After working in the delegate acquisition team for a few months I heard about the Sales Development Programme which people in the firm often referred to as an ‘intensive boot camp’ that will give you the skill set and principles to succeed in any sales role.

It certainly was intense!

But, after 3 months on the programme I am now in a sponsorship sales manager position. I was left with an understanding that has made me highly effective both professionally and in my personal life.

I now set out to achieve goals whilst maintaining a customer centric attitude that has/will undoubtedly lead me to greater  success.”

If you’d like to join the sales training programme, send us your CV!



Katie, Head of Sales Development, IQPC London

Katie JuddIQPC London runs a fast track training scheme to get aspiring graduates with no sales experience in to a sponsorship sales manager position – in just 3 months! On the day of her 10th anniversary working with IQPC it seems only fitting that we speak to Katie, the head of our Sales Development Programme to find out what lies ahead…

As head of Sales Development Programme what does your role involve?

“My role encompasses supporting our recruitment team in finding the best talent to join the programme, working daily side by side with our current undergraduate SDP executives and supporting our graduates in ensuring their continued professional development and successful future within the business. Day to day I’ll be found running training workshops, one to one coaching, co-pitching opportunities and providing ongoing support wherever and whenever it is needed to our SDP Executives.”

Why is the Sales Development Programme different?

“We recognise that investing significantly in the training and development of talented Graduates with raw potential right at the start of their careers produces unprecedented results for all involved. I’m writing this on my 10th anniversary in the business having joined as a graduate and can safely say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

What’s been your proudest moment/biggest achievement running the scheme?

It’s incredibly rewarding working with exceptionally talented people right at the start of their careers and seeing them get the results (and commission!) they deserve. Graduates of the SDP have gone on to break records set by our seasoned veteran Sponsorship Sales Managers, including the best revenue in their first quarter in the business and recently the largest single new business deal on record.”

The Sales Development Programme kicks off again in a few weeks, what are you most excited about?

Q4 is a notoriously busy period in our industry. Our clients are fully in the swing of budgeting for 2016 and this represents a fantastic time for new candidates to join the business and quickly get results. With many successful SDP Graduates from 2015 making a real impact in our business, it will be great to see them share their experiences and support  our next SDP candidates make a fast start to their careers.”


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