Graduating in 2016?

Finishing University and getting your first job is a daunting prospect for most graduates. With competition hotting up for graduate jobs, you probably feel like the pressure is on. For some of you graduating this summer, you will have already started to attend assessment days and graduate interviews for your dream graduate job. If you haven't worked out what you…

A Healthy Work-Life Balance

  Our Sydney office would like to say a big thank you to Chobani for offering some healthy free snacks yesterday, they was a big hit with the IQPC team! #goodhealth

Sydney Careers Fair

Here is Noel Mcdermot (MD Sydney office & Regional MD Singapore) meeting the careers team from Mac Uni at our annual DDX Talent Conference Could we mention a big thank you to the Macquarie University team for organizing the career fair this week, it was hugely successful and here is our #Sydney team in action!

“Before coming to IQPC I had just left University…”

  "...I was studying an MA in Economics. After reading some labor economics books I remembered a study which basically stated highly productive people in commission related jobs earn 3-4 times the amount of their flat fee counterparts. So I chased the money. But I knew that I needed training to become successful in sales -    I choose…

Sales Development at IQPC

The Sales Development Programme will run again for 3 months starting in October. Are you looking to start a career in sales? Do you want to know more about what it's like? Read on...

Social IQ(PC)

IQPC has hired a number of graduates over the summer and we’ve definitely learnt a few things about what graduates are looking for (training, progression, a great pay structure) and increasingly - a sociable work environment! And it’s not just the graduates that want to work in a place with a social aspect, this week…

Why a conference company is a great place to kick start your career!

Our Regional Managing Director Joby Turner gives a presentation to 2015 graduates at the London Graduate Fair. In this presentation Joby gives an overview of our company, the job functions we have, progression opportunities and ultimately explains why a conference company is a great place to kick start your career.