Anyone for a maple-bacon doughnut?

Recently here in NYC it was National Doughnut Day, and our “CFO”, aka our Chief Food Officer did not disappoint, by providing us with some of the best (and strangest) doughnuts that we’ve ever eaten.

In fact, most of them we’d never heard of before, I mean who knew that Chocolate Banana Waffle and Maple Bacon were Doughnut flavors?  But despite some skepticism, they were all nonetheless delicious.

It was a great way to kick start the weekend with a nice “healthy” breakfast. Well close enough anyway!

“How IQPC changed my life…”, an interview with our New York Rookie of the Year

Our New York HR Director recently had the opportunity to sit down with IQPC NYC’s Rookie of The Year who closed an impressive $800k + in 2017 and is on pace to close an outstanding $1.5m in 2018!  Here’s what he had to say about his “life changing” experience with IQPC.


rookieIQPC seems like a real change in direction in your career why did you choose us? 

I feel very lucky to be here; I was in a sales job that offered me no real growth and was essentially taking me nowhere.

Then, completely by chance, I met an IQPC-er at a rooftop party and he seemed brilliant!  He talked about his work with a passion that I hadn’t ever heard before and I was immediately intrigued.

It was clear to me that there was loads of intrinsic value at his workplace.    He convinced me to come in for an interview and ultimately, I took the plunge and joined the team. I think my experience shows that people from all walks of life can succeed at IQPC if they have the drive to do so.

Who has helped you along the way? 

The hands on training and coaching here are tremendous!

In the beginning you’re given training wheels in terms of a well developed sales process to follow combined with your manager being on calls with you and jumping in to escalate or close the deal.  As soon as they think you are ready those training wheels come off and you’re given room to do it on your own.

I had my share of failures at first  but then got the hang of closing deals on my own.  Had my manager not believed in my abilities and allowed me to fail, I would never have been able to do it!

Besides the 1:1 coaching we have an assortment of interactive group training where we get to provide each other with constructive feedback as peers, the best part, they’re really, really fun!

From a bigger picture perspective, working at IQPC has made me an expert in the markets I sell into; I understand the buy-sell relationship on a deep level, I know how to do high level market research and generate high quality leads on my own.

I get to speak with VPs at huge companies like Uber, Google — when you speak to executives of that caliber, every sales call turns into a massive learning opportunity; my business acumen has skyrocketed and my career trajectory has been catapulted!

You clearly enjoy your work, what makes it so enjoyable for you?

You’re able to bring your personality to the sale which makes it fun!  After a while you’re able to grow beyond the baseline sales process by adding your own flavor, utilizing your market knowledge, looking at the product and really knowing your space.

And what do you think of the culture and team environment?

We’re so busy day to day there’s not much time to be social from 9-5, but we put a lot of energy into after work activities and social activities.  Our Culture Club does a great job of organizing events for us.

It’s a highly collaborative environment…

…we come together as a team daily as we work on our events and on occasion we’ll do an offsite cross functional team training where we get in-depth perspective from other departments; for example How Delegate Sales sells, How Marketing thinks, etc. There’s lots of camaraderie and we certainly enjoy our happy hours 🙂

Any final thoughts? 

In all sincerity, working here has completely changed my life!

It’s enabled me to move from outer Queens (Howard Beach) to inner queens (Maspeth) and finally to my goal neighborhood, the Upper East Side. My previous sales job was all luck, here I can do better market research,  be more targeted, work smarter – I create my good ‘luck’ and control my destiny.  You make your success at IQPC,  if you put in the work, you will reap the rewards!

And last but not least any book recommendations for other people to want to improve their skills?   

Yes, the Challenger Sale, The Lost Art of Closing & The 4 hour Workweek are all MUST reads in my opinion.

Happy Pi Day from IQPC New York

March 14 is the annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi)! And for our New York Team that seemed like a good enough excuse for some celebration… and some food!

The office was treated to many different kinds of pies, plus of course the all time New York classic pie, pizza!  Needless to say, all of the “pi” did not last for too long.

Thank you to Teneyke, our CFO (Chief Food Officer) and to the rest of the New York IQPC Culture Club for putting this together!

Happy Pi Day Everyone!

Celebrating success with IQPC New York

This month IQPC New York held their annual holiday party.

A core part of the evening is the Annual Awards Ceremony, an opportunity to celebrate success and recognize some of the key people that worked so hard in 2017 to drive the  business forward.

Over the course of the evening we gave out over 25 awards, with 5 of them based on our core values and 1 for the rookie of the year!
IQPC Awards NY

Congratulations to all of our award winners and here’s to another fantastic year at IQPC, we look forward to what lies ahead in 2018!

A night of celebrations for IQPC UK

It’s January, which means it’s time for IQPC’s UK Annual Awards.

Every year in January our five London based businesses come together to celebrate the year gone by and recognise the achievements of their peers.

The night is always a highlight of the IQPC calendar and this year was no exception, with a fantastic evening of drinks and dancing, enhanced by stunning views over London, from the rooftop Oxo Tower Restaurant.

Congratulations to all our winners and it looks like a great night was had by all.

UK Awards C1UK Awards C2UK Awards C3

Looking back at Christmas festivities in Dubai…

Christmas may long be over but the memories of fun times linger at IQPC Dubai!

Just before the holiday break IQPC Dubai hosted their annual Christmas Party at Noir Bar, Kempinski Hotel. with a theme of “Dressed to Impress – With a Festive Twist”.

IQPC’ers took the morning off to get ready and then arrived dressed in their finest attire incorporating an element of festive cheer. Some opted for Christmas colors, from red, to gold, silver and green. Others chose to accessorize with tinsel, angel wings and reindeer noses! A handful of stylish people opted for a safe but non-the-less impressive suit!

The day was a great opportunity to relax, reflect on our achievements and celebrate success with our Employee Awards. Many people were recognized that day but a big shout has to go out to our Dubai Employee of the year Anush Shetty.


IQPC’s Autonomous Vehicles Event named in the ‘best of the best’

At IQPC, quality is important, it’s part of our name after all! So we are understandably quite proud when this is recognized by the industries and clients we serve.

IQPC’s Autonomous Vehicles Conference which runs in Silicon Valley this February has been named 4th out of Motion U’s Top 100 Car, Motorcycle and Wheeled Events in the US for 2018.

MotionUMotion U is an automotive specific event listing website that highlights 175,000 US specific Automotive events of all types including B2B and B2C conferences, tradeshows, races and car shows.

Every year from this huge number, they shortlist  their Top 100 ‘best of the best’, not to be missed events!

Not only does this achievement showcase the brilliant work of our team, but it shows our devotion to putting on the best quality events possible for our vendors and delegates. We truly value bringing businesses and people together to discuss the most up-to-date trends in their  respective fields, and we bring this mentality to every event and conference we produce!

We are grateful to Motion U for this recognition and a well deserved congratulations to our conference team.

Check out this link below to read more about what they had to say or this link to learn more about our conference.


IQPC NYC rings the bell…

The “ding, ding, ding” of the Red Kettle is a well known and loved charitable fundraiser across the United States, and never more so than at Christmas

The bell ringing season starts each November and runs through Christmas Eve, when the red kettles are packed away for the season. According to the Salvation Army, “Volunteers make the difference between an empty kettle and one that raises about $30 per hour – enough to provide a family with two bags of groceries, or shelter an individual for a night.”

This week it was our NYC Team’s turn to get involved in the spirit of Christmas when Sales Director Chris and his team decided to pitch in and spend some time ringing the bell in NYC; it looks like they had a great time as well…

To find out how you can get into the spirit of Christmas and support this important cause click here


supporting an important cause at Christmas