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This week saw the launch of SSON HARDtalk, our new online interview series that cuts straight to the chase and asks the questions that no-one else dares

Presented by Deborah Kops, who is recognized as the true First Lady of Shared Services & Outsourcing, SSON HARDtalk discusses the underlying issues that everyone is thinking, but few will actually voice, with the most influential executives involved in Shared Services and Outsourcing.


SSOn Hard Talks

Food, Fun and Fundraising…the perfect combo at IQPC Sydney

Last month we saw our Dubai Team sharing a fun afternoon in the name of ‘food’.

This week it was the Sydney Team’s turn to get into the spirit of International Food Day.

With dishes from China, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Thailand, Spain and the USA it was a fantastic way to showcase the diversity of the office and raise an impressive $1101.20 for charity! Just one question guys…where’s the “shrimp on the barbie”?


IQPC Dubai plays dodge ball…with arrows!

To let off a little steam IQPC visited Flip Out Dubai for an afternoon of ‘healthy’ competition and team building.

The whole company was split into 4 teams to compete in Archery Tag… just imagine dodge ball but with stereo foam headed arrows instead of balls!

All the teams had to face off against each other in a series of 15 minute matches. Competition was fierce with potentially more shouting than playing as no one wanted to leave the field of play, even after being shot!

But in the end, led by our heroic HR Director, one team proudly stood victorious, after not one, but two, crushing defeats over Sales.

Afterwards everyone ‘cooled of’ by bouncing on the nearby trampolines followed by Pizza and drinks.

Maybe not the best team ‘learning’ activity we’ve ever planned, but there was no doubt it was allot of fun and enjoyed by all.


What can an Internship at IQPC offer you?

IQPC London runs several successful intern programs, giving future graduates a great opportunity to trial various areas across the business, including sales, marketing, production and event management.

We interviewed Sam, one of our most recent interns to find out more about her experience at IQPC…

Samantha Brown

Before you started, what did you want to get out of the internship at Exchange?
I wanted to gain experience working in the events industry and understand how an event is designed and put on. Originally I thought working at the Exchange would be all about the logistics of the event – like the operations department, however I was pleasantly surprised when I started working in the production team. I was also excited to be working in London and experience office life!

What do you feel you have gained from your time with IQPC? 
I think I’ve gained a great understanding of the Global IP market! I’ve learnt how all parts of the business interlink and are so important into organising an exchange. I also feel like I’ve learnt how to communicate professionally – both written and verbally.

I have realized that there are a lot of specific tactics behind all calls and emails. For example how using hooks, mutual connections or specific wording can make a huge difference in the response rate. It has been great seeing the results of everyone’s effort and how it all comes together at the event on-site too.

I’ve learnt that office life can be enjoyable! I’ve done work experience in other companies and IQPC definitely has the best atmosphere.

What aspects of the internship did you enjoy the most and find the most useful, and why?
I enjoyed my time in the production department the most because it challenged me intellectually. I found a number of aspects of the business side of my degree being highly relevant. I also enjoyed researching into market trends and competitor events, as well as the challenge of coming up with content and ideas for the agenda.

Seeing the events on site was a highlight. Going to the EDT exchange in the first week, where I knew little about the lead up to the event and how the company actually runs, compared with going to the retail a few weeks later, where I understood how each department has helped make the event run smoothly.

I enjoyed the social aspect too! People are always willing to help out – from whatever department.

 What aspects of the internship would you improve if you were to do this internship again?
 I think it would be a good idea to structure the whole internship to a particular event. When I was working in marketing I was jumping between 3/4 events, so it was hard to get stuck in. I preferred working full time on Global IP. Even if the internship was in different departments, like mine, it would be good to be working on the same event in production; marketing and ops (although I guess that may not work timing wise!)

Other than that, I think the internship was extremely well structured and I thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility of being able to work in all departments.

If you were trying to explain the internship to another candidate who is looking to do an internship at IQPC Exchange, what would you say?The internship at IQPC Exchange is a great way too see how all different departments within a company work together to put on a senior level event. The internship was very well structured, and I felt like a lot of time and effort was put into my schedule both before and during my time there. Each day brings different tasks which keeps the work interesting and I think it is a great introduction to office life.

The people are really friendly so I never felt too shy or nervous to ask for help and advice. I’ve gained an insight to such a wide variety of exciting topics ranging from enterprise mobility to intellectual property to data in financial services.

I would definitely recommend the internship to others. With the variety of exchanges going on, It’s a fantastic way to find out what you’re really interested in!

Thanks Sam, we are delighted you enjoyed your time with us and hope to hear from you again after you graduate!

International Food Day at IQPC Dubai

International Food Day is a yearly recurring event at IQPC Middle East. Each year before the start of the month of Ramadan IQPC comes together to celebrate the diversity of our team.

Every employee brings a dish and is placed into teams by their food group and ethnic affiliation. From the Managing Director to our newest intern, we all come together to share food and showcase our heritage. We are justifiably proud of the diversity of our employees at IQPC and have no doubt that the depth and breadth of cultures represented makes us a stronger business and a stronger team.

Food Day is also a great opportunity for new joiners to mingle with those who have a longer tenure in the office and the food is always followed by office wide games.

This year we competed in ‘Blind Chef’, ‘Pretzel Fishing’, ‘Doughnut Bopping’ and a good old fashioned ‘Egg Race’. You may have noticed that all the games relate to food and they all require team collaboration.

And the 2017 winners were….

1st Place – India

2nd Place – MEA

3rd Place – Europe

4th Place – The Philippines

Congratulations to all our Winners and thanks to everyone for making this such a fun day!


IQPC Berlin gets Running!

B2Run organizes regular six kilometer runs across seven countries, encouraging employees to swap their work shoes for running shoes and get moving together as a team!

B2Run Berlin 6

This July it was Berlin’s turn to get moving and for the 2nd year in a row IQPC stepped up to the plate and our team joined 10,000 other runners at the Olympic Stadium for some summer fitness fun!

While we didn’t match the fastest times of just 17.19 for the men and 19.37 for the women, with an overall average time of 29 minutes it was a very respectable achievement and a huge amount of fun!

Well done to all our runners – Ian, Maik, Stephen, Felix, Lachlan, Natalie, Michael, Sally, Kathrin, Benny, Peter, Christoffer, Orianne, Saleh, Robert and Karina. We can’t wait to see what you achieve again next year!

“Great competition yesterday and awesome results. It was really fun”


Choosing how and where you advance your career in sales is a huge decision. The stakes couldn’t be higher!

Reading through job adverts, every sales opportunity you consider will suggest a high earning potential and the opportunity to progress.

So how can you be confident that you’ve found a business with the potential to exceed your ambitions and set you up for a lifetime of achievement?

At IQPC we recognise that setting our Sponsorship Sales Managers up for success is absolutely critical to the continued exponential growth of our business. We simply can’t afford to make the investment in our future sales talent anything other than our number one business priority.

As such, over the last 3 years our London business have developed the Sales Development Programme (SDP), the industry’s leading training and on-boarding programme to attract, develop and retain exceptionally talented sales professionals.


But what exactly does the Sales Development Programme offer?

  1. Significant investment in your personal development. There is a world of difference (and earning potential) between sales people and sales professionals. Get the investment you need to take your sales skill set and earning potential to be amongst the top 5% in the UK.
  2. Start taking home commission – fast! Since establishing the SDP we’ve halved the average time it takes to secure first deals and achieve quarterly bonuses.
  3. Confidence that endeavour is the only variable to your success. The training and development provided requires significant investment. Whilst this means that we are naturally very selective about those we hire, it also means that once you join our organisation you will be given every opportunity and support required to succeed.


SDP Testimonal

To learn more and decide if the SDP is the right move for your career download our full Prospectus now or get in touch with us at