Berlin’s Leadership Team take Gold in the inaugural IQPC Kicker Konest

At IQPC Berlin we talk allot about our values of ‘Enthusiasm’, ‘People’ and ‘Innovation’ and nothing brings out our enthusiasm (and our competitive spirit) more than a good game of Kicker, aka table football or foosball.

So recently our Kicker Ambassador Matthew, launched IQPC’s first official Tournament.

The double-elimination, office wide, interdepartmental Kicker Kontest set out to determine who had the spirit, skill and determination to be the Champions of Kicker! 13 teams battled it out over a month competing for first place and everyone had allot of fun!

Gold Medals went to our Leadership Team (was it fixed I hear you ask? Well they promise they won fair and square!), while the Sponsorship Team took Silver and Auto IQ, Bronze.

We look forward to a re-match soon!

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