This week we had the pleasure of talking with one of our Sydney based Sales Teams.

The team’s focus is on in-bound sales; working closely with marketing they follow up on targeted leads to convert enquiries into delegates for our events.

But this blog isn’t about what they do, but who they are. Passionate and driven, they have an infectious commitment to both their own development and business results. So we wanted to find out more about why they love their Life and Work at IQPC…



Meet Sam

Joining the business straight from University, in just under 3 years Sam has progressed from his first role in sales to running his first team. He’s a fantastic testimony to where hard work and commitment can take you…

This is my first role since leaving university and from day 1 I have received the care and support from both my manger and the rest of the team to achieve things I didn’t realise I was capable of.

In the 2 and a half years I’ve worked in EQ, I’ve gone from a sales rep to managing a team of my own.

The opportunities for personal growth and career development are a huge motivator for someone who has never worked in sales before.

The importance that is placed on teamwork and the work hard, play hard attitude is something that I really enjoy being a part of.

I rate the commission and my mates too.

Meet Catherine

Catherine has just celebrated her 1 year anniversary with IQPC. She puts her success down to team culture and training. However we suspect her hard work and dedication has allot to do with it!

IQPC has been a positive first step from my university studies into a corporate role. From day one I’ve received ongoing training and support from my dedicated managers and encouraging team.

Culture is a key element of our work environment and I’ve felt the positive atmosphere has given me a platform to succeed in my role. We strive on not only achieving our set goals but also exceeding them. This has pushed me to challenge myself to display the best of my abilities.

Working within a high-performing team with such talented colleagues makes me proud to know I’ve earnt my place beside them. My manager has instilled in me that there’s always room for improvement and this has been the most impactful takeaway for me during my time at IQPC.

Every day I step into the office knowing I’ll learn something new and leave with a continual drive to do better for both myself and the team.

Meet Julia

The “New Kid on the Block”, Julia has only been at IQPC for 6 months, but she’s achieved a huge amount already and we’re excited to see what comes next.

When thinking of how to describe why I like working at IQPC, my main concern was how to limit it to just one paragraph. As with any job, each day brings it’s own unique set of challenges and in turn rewards.

However, the experience is heightened by the amazing team that I am proud to work alongside. One could only describe the environment here as a mini-family, each colleague ready and welcome to lend a helping hand when needed.

My time here at IQPC has been extraordinary and has shaped me significantly, with special mention to my mentor who has helped me achieve numerous work milestones in a short amount of time.

That being said, the capacity for professional progression here is thrilling, with each individual encouraged and supported in each endeavour and goal. Everything is more achievable than you think when supported by numerous co-workers who genuinely want you to succeed.

Interested to find out more about what a career at IQPC could help you achieve?

If so we’d love to hear from you:


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