We recently approached some of the delegate sales team in our large scale events business  (LSE) and asked them the following question:Why do you like working for IQPC LSE? 

Here are some of their answers –

Istvan – Delegate Sales Executive: 2 years “Support from team members and managers – helping with data and advice. There is a good focus on my training and development. I can learn from others, how they approach a prospect during a call and try to implement if I find it useful. There is also a great opportunity to earn money.”

Dima – Delegate Sales Executive: 1 year 5 months “I enjoy working for IQPC LSE, because it gives me the confidence to sell well established products as well as products which bring value to the market in terms of content & speaker line up. It’s a great opportunity for me to develop my skill set as there is constant training.”

Sam -Delegate Sales Executive: 1.5 months “The culture of ‘all in it together’ to continuously improve your performance. The KPIs in place ensure everyone is performing to their highest level, I am competitive and always have to make sure I am at the top! Regular training and tape training in place to ensure that you’re always on top of your performance.”

Matt – Senior Delegate Sales Executive: 1 year 3 months “Good-natured competiveness within the team means people are well motivated for results whilst respecting the team rules and not undermining colleagues – there’s a good balance between the ‘cut-throat’ nature of sales and maintaining good relationships with colleagues which benefits everyone. Approachable management and senior colleagues mean support is easy to come by when needed, issues are normally efficiently resolved.”

Christopher -Sales Manager: 3 years “I enjoy knowing that every event is a winner and enjoy the closer relationships we have with the wider project teams. Helping to coach and mentor my team on a daily basis is a strong passion of mine.”

Our business is growing and we’re looking for exceptional sales executives to join us, interested in joining IQPC LSE? Please send your CV to recruitment@iqpc.co.uk and you could be part of the London team!

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