The shock waves caused by a single great event can change a career, a business, an industry. Our people orchestrate that change.

A life in commercial events isn’t for the faint hearted. Fast paced and competitive, we are commercial, curious and agile. We succeed or fail together, putting team work and a passion for growth at the heart of what we do.

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With offices in major cities all round the world, where would you like your IQPC journey to take you?

“In all sincerity, working here has completely changed my life! It’s enabled me to move from outer Queens, to inner queens and finally to my goal neighbourhood, the Upper East Side.  Previous sales job was all luck, here I can do better market research,  be more targeted, work smarter. I create my good ‘luck’ and control my destiny.  You make your success at IQPC,  if you put in the work, you will reap the rewards!

Sponsorship Sales Executive, New York

“IQPC is a fun, friendly, entrepreneurial working environment with endless opportunities for growth and development. Besides benefiting from world class training and a great workplace culture, IQPC understands your career objectives and will give you 200% in return for your 100%.”

Sales Rep, IQPC London

“Our team is very close knit and for me, after 5 years, it really feels like a family.  We work really hard but we also have a lot of fun and share a lot of laughs. The management team creates a great culture, my manager always looks out for my best interests, I can be very open with him and he’s always ready to listen and treats me fairly.”

Nichole, Enquiry Sales, New York

“For me, IQPC provided me with a fantastic opportunity to see the world whilst progressing my career, both of which are really important to me.  In most jobs you have to be at a senior level before you can be considered for a transfer, however if IQPC recognizes you have a good work ethic and talent they will support you to pursue your career goals wherever they might take you.”

Sally, Head of Online Events, IQPC Digital

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At IQPC we are proud of our dynamic people, great events and amazing customers. Read our blog to find out more about life behind the IQPC walls
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